AC/DC powered backup??? Zoeller?

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Feb 22, 2019
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Hey guys. Hopefully I can get some insight before mid day today because I am getting anxious. I've done a ton of research on backup sump pump systems and various setups out there and was going to go with the Zoeller Aquanot 805-0014 battery backup system. It's a DC backup pump but earlier today I learned about the AC/DC kind, you know, the backup that will run on your house's AC current should the primary have a mechanical failure not power failure. I like this idea because it won't deplete the backup system's battery/charger if it really doesn't need to. Why don't all backup systems have this capability!!? Why use that precious battery juice if it doesn't absolutely need to?!? I'm trying to find a backup sump pump that has this capability but they don't seem very popular although the Home Depot "Basement watchdog" system has it. Can anyone lend me some advice? Thx