Adding Porch Enclosure

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Nov 26, 2018
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Hi All, After a long discussion, my wife and I decided to renovate our home so we decided to do brand new flooring and bits of painting and touching on the kitchen as well. One of the main thing we discussed and we want was a porch enclosure to spend good time with the family and was wonder what fabric would work best. I would like it to protect us from the elements in the winter but still be able to see out. I was thinking of making separate panels to be snapped or twist-locked to the frame. I assumed Sunbrella would be an option but have no idea about the plastic.

Daryl in Nanoose

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Feb 3, 2006
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Your going to love that porch when you get it done, sure miss mine :).
There are many plastic product's out there you can use. It really depends on where you are and what weather elements you have to endure before picking the best product. You are on the right track though. I built a square Gazebo a while back and he requested plywood,screen,and plexiglass panels that could be removed, interchanged so This Gazebo had beam above, 24" walls below and 4x4 posts . The roof was solid. I did work for them for years after and he always praised me on the design and how east it was to change them around.
Some pics of your house where this is going would be very helpful and where do you live