After Thermocouple Replace, Is Pilot & Burners Normal?

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Jan 13, 2015
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Unit had a lot of debris around, utility inc. guy said it's a fire hazard and turned it off last spring. Well I cleaned it, won't pilot failed to light so I replaced TC. Had to remove burners, discovered tons of rusted metal debris in the chambers. Vacuumed, pilot and burners fired right on queue. I hadn't observed the burners in action prior to removing them. In the pic below fire is coming out from the angled area as well (circled red). So my question is whether this is normal behavior? For a short video see below.



Jan 25, 2017
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Get a a video of the flame inside the burner, hopefully it’s not touching the walls of the chamber=CO. As long as you have no delay in ignition and it’s venting it looks ok(from your video) and flames are blue is good. Sometimes you have an air adjustment on the venturis but it’s hard to tell from the video? You want a sharp flame without flames blowing off the burner which would mean too much air. Edit: yes, that is normal. It looks like your pilot assembly is between the burners(hard to tell from the picture?) and those ‘slots’ are designed for gas to pass thru and light from the pilot(flash ports or flash tubes). Over time they warp from heat and open up a bit causing a lazy, candeling flame which is not good. Not horrible but not as it once was. A video from straight on would be better.
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