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    I'm out of Oregon. I do hobbyist woodworking mostly, some rough construction, but I'm not skilled at any of it.
    I'm involved in the SCA, and as such am interested mostly in doing work by hand, rather than by power tools, although I'm not fanatic about it.
    I'm more likely to be building chests, chairs, boxes, tent poles or other useful items for a campsite than I am to be building a new addition to the house, but I won't rule that type of work out, either.

    I spent a few years in the glass and glazing industry, so if you'd like advice on building a sunroom or skywall instead of buying one from the manufacturers, I can help you figure out how to keep it dry inside, and what kinds of glass you ought to use. I can also offer a little advice on windows and skylights, and energy efficient products, although I am a couple years out of date by now. ;)

    If you want to email me, forget the one in the registration. Try me at blackbyrd2 at that netscape dott net place. (You know how to modify that to get a real address, but the bots won't.)

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