Any experience with household ozone generators?

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Oct 11, 2011
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A neighbor mentioned using an ozone generator to essentially disinfect a home. It is an ozone shock treatment.

THe local tool rental has a model that they rent (Not sure if I can specify the model or not).

I have two homes where I would like to use this

(1) A small cape cod with a basement of approx 2500 sq feet (The volume is probably about 18000 square feet. - the basement has some mold from damp walls. It is about a 50 year old house

(2) A cape cod on the jersey shore where we would want to do the crawl space and the first floor - 875 sq feet of 8' high and a 3' crawl space for about 10000 cubic feet.

In both cases, I would like to reduce odors and kill any mildew. I can leave the homes for a weekend if necessary. (Ozone is hazardous). The unit in question is supposed to change the 03 back to o2 when it is done.

The max capacity of the unit for rent is about 17000 cu ft.

Questions -

1. Has anyone had luck with these??
2. Can the unit handle the first house in one weekend. I would think that if I had a fairly moderate day temp wise, then we could have the heater running periodically to help circulate and also to get the ozone through the hot air ducts.

I will contact the rental place but I want to get as much info as possible. I realize that all rubber products have to be removed. Anything with rubber such as o-rings could be damaged.

I'd appreciate any thoughts.



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