Basement French Drain - Filter fabric needed?

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Aug 12, 2014
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We are in the process of building our house and just had the basement walls set (Superior Walls (Pre-cast)), with the perimeter/French drain installed on the outside of the walls that has corrugated perforated pipe wrapped with a filter sock that daylights below the house. I would like to backfill the first 3 - 4 feet of the wall with 2B stone, followed by the excavated site soil (clay/hardpan with some gravel). My question I have been debating is whether or not I should install a layer of geotextile filter fabric over top of the stones so that the fabric is between the stones and the backfilled soil over it.

If that would be a good idea to apply the fabric layer, should I wrap the fabric around the stones (burrito-wrap) or simply apply the fabric over the top of the stones? The house is in an open field, so there are no trees anywhere near where the house is to be concerned about roots. My concern is over time the fabric will clog up and won't allow water to drain through to the French drain.

I have a friend who recommend laying down a thin layer of straw over the stone to act as a filter. The straw would eventually decompose but it may allow the soil to properly re-structure as it does.

Perhaps it's better not to lay any kind of filter material in? I appreciate any feedback you can provide and am happy to answer any questions on this.

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