Bathroom remodel proper order

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Oct 3, 2014
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We are planning to remodel the second bath. It has pink plastic fake tile panels on the walls and as a tub/shower surround. Those will be removed , the surround will be tiled, and the walls will have beadboard 3/4 of the way up. The water supply valves and the fixtures for the tub/shower will be replaced as well. Also replacing vanity, keeping the tub and toilet. There is easy access to the water pipes, valves etc through the large linen closet that backs up to the shower wall. I have already cut an access panel - when I bought the house to put in cut off valves for those leaky fixtures.

My main Q is for the tub/shower work. Once I rip out the pink panels, is it better to put the new valves and fixtures in first, then tile around it, or should I do the tile first and leave "holes" for the new fixtures to poke through?