Best ground cover to ensure slab integrity?

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May 2, 2021
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Dallas, TX
I want to know if gravel ground cover will threaten our home's foundation. Our house is 10 years old, with a concrete slab, situated in Dallas, TX, infamous for its expansive clay. It is surrounded by soaker hoses that are part of the sprinkler system. I have tried to be consistent in using them, but already our kitchen tile has cracked in one continuous 4-foot section and the backdoor won't latch in the summer, so I sense that I'm not doing a good enough job in watering the foundation.

There are sections of the yard that are not yet landscaped, and we're talking about using decorative gravel/crushed stone for large swaths of it. My concern is that that hot gravel in the summer will cause rainwater to evaporate, and the plastic liner beneath the gravel will prevent rainwater from fully/effectively seeping into the soil beneath, especially if we're putting the stone ground cover right up next to the house. Soaker hoses can only do so much. Am I right be concerned?