Block fondation problem

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    Hi there !

    I moved my post here since I have been told a mason could help

    I am currently renting my mother's house. She never noticed she had a foundation made of blocks. I was planning to buy the house so I inspected it roughly and saw a big crack. I digged a lot to help my mother solve this problem and realized some blocks have moved back towards the house (1 inche or less) at a specific corner. Here are some specs:
    -Height of basement: 6,5 feet
    -Type of soil: sand
    -There is no drain but the water is draining well since there is very little water infiltration in one corner (humid wood only)
    -The house is located in Quebec, so there is a winter factor
    -The house was built in 1975 by a man who lived there for 25 years after
    -There is no ciment filling the blocks holes
    -There is no waterproofing material between blocks and soil right now

    Please look to the provided pictures for more info
    To see it very big go to :
    or look at the bottom of this thread.

    We would like to repair the house and are looking at many options presented by many specialists who came to visit. The options now are:

    -Lift up the house and change the foundation for a new ciment one. That is 30 000$ and the basement has to be reconstructed.

    -Change the foundation wall of the back of the house and waterproof the rest. That is 20 000$ but the foundation will be more than half made of blocks.

    -I heard about filling the actual blocks with ciment... What do you think ?

    -Do you have any idea ?

    Im not interested about buying a foundation fragile house. My mother can not invest 30 000$ for a repair... Any suggestions ? Feel free to ask for more information.

    Thank you very much

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    1st off, if it were mine & options were limited, i'd excavate the whole fnd - apply a WATERPROOF coating system ( not the code rqd dampproofing **** ), replace the blocks as nec - install some concealed wall pins as nec.

    realize its only a genl suggestion & there're lots of specific items as part of it,,, the other option's raising the house 1/2" & placing a conc fnd under it !

    normally, cement OR concrete doesn't fill the cells - its grout,,, if you look on my w-site, you'll see a diagram.

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