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Discussion in 'HVAC' started by briansterling, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Aug 16, 2013
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    I recently had my blower motor in my 395CAV048091 Bryant furnace go bad. So I'm looking to replace it. These were my upgrade specs:

    Old motor:
    1/2hp 1075rpm 7.8amp motor

    New motor:
    1/2hp 1075rpm 6.5amp motor

    New motor fit like a glove and was a cinch to install. Problems arose when it just couldn't push the amount of air we needed. There's condensation around basement vents and it's kind of noisy. My question is this:

    1. How far can I upgrade my blower without damaging my system?
    2. My furnace is rated for 10.4amps but I figure some of that has to go into the operation of the boards and such so how high can I go on amps?
    3. Can I increase HP and if so, how much?
    4. Will increasing RPMs make a big difference?
    5. My board has 4 control spots for heat, cool, spare1, and spare2; I'm guessing putting the black "HI" speed wire on the cool jumper will dedicate the highest speed to the AC or is that handled by the COM port using the white wire?

    I just want to upgrade if possible. Here are some items I'm looking at;

    -----Variable HP motor

    ------3/4hp 9.1amp motor

    -----3/4hp 9.5amp motor

    I'm probably going to pony up and get a pro to install whatever I buy but I know I can get a better deal myself if I can just decipher my best move. I would appreciate any advice given.


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