can i use top of plenum for drop?

Discussion in 'HVAC' started by kib49, Jun 6, 2012.

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    my question is; can i use the top of the ductboard box for a drop?

    my disabled brother is coming to live with my family in a couple weeks. we've built a nice garage room for him and i need your help to finish up.

    all my HVAC ducting comes out the sides of the ductboard box (plenum?) in the attic. i need to make a new drop but there isn't enough room on the sides of the box for another hole. the top of the box is unused tho. i guess it's not used because you would have to bend the duct downwards after coming out of the box top and that's not reccommended?

    but can i use the top of the box for a drop, very slightly bending the duct downwards to a ceiling register a few feet away?

    at home depot, i've also seen inline duct booster fans (a fan inside a piece of whatever size duct is needed) that should pull the air upwards and then push it down thru the ceiling register.
    thx so much for taking the time to help. kib49

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