Chainsaw gas leak.

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Jun 21, 2013
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Hi all, Not sure if this is the correct location for this, but it seems the best choice.
Got a 22yo Craftsman chainsaw. The gas leaks from it -- but only when the tank level is above a certain level (call it 1/3 full). I just disassembled the cover plates to see if the tank is a true separate part or part of the housing.
Its part of the housing. I found a vid where the guy stopped a leak between the two halves of the housing (on the bottom). Mine is pretty much like that. But it only leaks if the fuel is above 1/3. I can swing it around, use it sideways and won't leak (that I've noticed). If it did I presume it would run of gas (much faster) and drip on me and generally make a stink of things.

Because of the above symptoms, I'm doubting line leaks or carb leaks. The unit runs fine. It leaks before you even priming it.

Right now the tank is pretty much empty. I'd rather not clean the unit, fill it up a bit and try to spot where the leak is coming from. But I'm at a loss now. Anybody got any ideas? seen this before?
Yes, I could replace it. Was going to. But the idea of spending hundreds on a tool where the reviews are not overwhelmingly encouraging makes me want to stick with the problem child I know. Thanks~!

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