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    Good morning,
    Our house has a full basement - very large one, about 1800sqft. The house consists of a main floor where we do most of our living. UP stairs there are two bedrooms and an office loft that over looks the "great room". We heat the main part of the house with a fireplce insert and blower supplemented by electric heat when needed. Obviously the heat rises and makes the upstairs very hot - I've put heavy drapes across the openings upstairs to help keep heat down - marginally effective. The basement is not finished but does have insulated walls and dri core flooring. There are electric heaters there, but it is very expensive to heat a space that large (tried that last winter - heat bill went up by $300).

    Problem is our downstairs floors are very cold and the upstairs is very hot. My husband thinks that if we install a vent and blower system from the upstairs to the basement, we could use th excess heat to heat to the basement. I'm not sure how efficient this would be - any thoughts? I'd like to get your opinions before we start ripping up gyprock to install vents and ducts.
    Our floor (basement ceiling) is not insulated - I'd like to start threre to help wamr the floor - would insulating the floor (basement ceiling) work to keep the floor warm?

    Any thoughts and advice would be welcome.

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