Concrete Stilt Repair

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    Hello Everyone and first allow me to thank you beforehand for reading this.

    I am looking at buying a concrete stilt house that is in the Florida Keys. While I was doing a walk around the property, I noticed the stilts had some areas that needed repair. It looks like (to my untrained eye) the re-bar is rusting/expanding and messing all of the surrounding concrete up. The home is not entirely supported by stilts, it looks like 50-60% of the house is supported by stilts, the rest by the first floor/walls of the first floor. There are 10-12 stilts, and it looks like 3 of them have some pretty serious cracking/chipping near the bottom, as you move up past a few feet, all looks well, at least on the surface. FYI the house was built in 1988. I was wondering what you experts think about the damage, how severe it is, and if I should run away from the house? Perhaps some estimates on repairs?

    I attached some pictures (sorry for the quality, it was night-time). 2 pics are of the same stilt.




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