Condensation in Wahroom Ceiling

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Dec 28, 2007
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Hi - i live in a town home and the en suite master bedroom washroom is against the wall of the house. there is a window in the washroom as well.
I used to have thiis horrid problem when i first moved in as the washroom had no vent fan. essentially what would happen is when ever we took a hot shower we would start to get water to gather on the ceiling... it got really bad as it would start to mold up and we basically had to take rags and clean the water up - then i brought in a contractor who told me i needed a vent - so he tore up the ceiling and installed a vent for me. One thing to note is the vent exhaust is not going up into the ceiling he just ran a aluminum pipr the slinky kind to a sofit which was like 1/2 a foot to the right of the vent and cut a hole into the sofit and put a cab and plugged the pipe into it...

now i notice i am still have the same problem but to a new degree - even if we dont take a shower water condesnation start to build up. I dont understand how the washroom is always so damp even if no one has taken a shower....

i am a bit concerend of how he pulled the insulation back on after he put the new drywall board - could that be a factor any advise?


Dec 17, 2005
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I would check the insulation as you suggested. Also check to see that there are no holes in the hose or that the connections are tight. Another option is to install a rigid duct or pipe to set the line in a draining outside dirrection. Sometimes the flex line are just drooping and do not get rid of the water , then find a spot to leak. You only need a pin hole and a drooping line to have water stains.
How long is the run of pipe, if it is over 8 feet you may need a larger capacity fan.
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Mar 1, 2006
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Hello Hi:
If the exhaust duct is not sealed at the outside end, it will allow the cold moist air to circulate into the bathroom, only to condense on your warm bath ceiling.