Deck heaving due to ground water or unstable soil

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I have a deck that heaves every winter. I noticed this spring when I dug a hole to the footing on my house that there is water about 4 ft under my house. Not sure if it is ground water but never the less it might have caused my deck posts to heave. Can anyone tell me if this is ground water or unstable soil, how I can secure my deck post footings to make sure it does not heave this winter? My deck is a second story over a walk out basement. My patio also heaved this year as well but I have a plan for that. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Any help is very appreciated as I do not want any more damage to my deck or home!


Jan 9, 2010
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Concrete pad on gravel will probably work well. Gravel will compact very nicely and the water will drain from it. You will still need a concrete pad for the displacement of the weight of the post. Make sure you contact you building department first before you just ram ahead with my opinion. Other wise check into a heli coil or pilings.
steve scholl

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