Desparate! Cleaning before priming?

Discussion in 'Painting Forum' started by somuchjackson, Aug 2, 2011.

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    We have glossy walls and ceilings and have already scraped, spackled, and sanded the imperfections that we’ve found. We also scuff sanded all of the walls. What we’re up against now is that we know we need to wash the glossy walls with a deglosser (TSP), but I am concerned about going over the spackled areas with that or any other cleaning solution. It seems like it would do damage to the patches.

    Meanwhile, we need to clean the room of dust prior to priming as well.

    Can you help me determine what needs to be done? We do not have a vaccum cleaner or shop-vac, and I really am primarily concerned with the question of whether or not I can run a wet rag or mop over spackled areas without damaging the prepped area.

    Gratefully yours!

    Nate Jackson
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    I hate to be bearer of bad news… but really the walls should have been cleaned before spackle. You want the spackle to attach to the wall not the dust on the walls. Now that you finished the hard work, you can try priming and see what happens just use a good primer, or clean them and go back again to touch up the spackle areas. But you are correct that the TSP will clean out some of the spackle. To me at this point it would depend on how dirty the walls were, did people smoke in that room, was there grease…?

    I would probably clean them if it was dirty then spackle again, grab a beer in frustration wait for the walls to dry then spackle, prime and paint. Or again if they are not dirty just use a good primer and finish the project, most people do not clean walls before priming unless there is a reason.

    Sorry, good luck!


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