Ductless mini split

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May 26, 2014
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We have a 13 SEER , 12000 BTU A/C - Heat pump mini split in the living room ( not an inverter style ) . It has been having some problems and pretty much stopped cooling last night . Sounded like the compressor was not starting . Fans seemed to be functioning .

This morning , while it was still cool out side , my Wife helped me to remove the sheet metal top cover from the condenser unit . This exposed the electrical . After hooking up the hoses and gauges ( to the suction side service port ) , it was apparent the compressor was not coming on .

I located a 45 mfd capacitor . Using my meter to check the capacitor , was inconclusive . I checked on line with Johnstone Supply and they had it in stock . At less than $ 15 , I decided to try replacing it . Picked up a new capacitor this morning , but I had a Dr. appointment at 12:30 PM , so I did not have an opportunity to install it .

When I returned from my appointment , I installed the capacitor . Then we went to Walmart to purchase a box fan . Upon returning , seems like the mini split may be cooling , some .

Lost a little refrigerant this morning due to a leaky " blue " hose . May have to add a little R-410a , in the morning ?

God bless