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    I discovered my doorbell was less than desired, so I went to one of the big box hardware stores and purchased an electronic doorbell. What I discovered was that when I pushed the button momentarily, I would only hear one note and not the 8 chime bell as promised. The instructions said "in some cases, a diode may be necessary to operate", but did not provide any further information.

    I did some research online, and found a small 1M- 4001 diode should do the trick. This diode is a 1 amp, 50 volt diode, and can be purchased at any local Radio Shack. Total cost was about ~$2.00, and after installing on the outside button, (one side to one terminal, and the other side to the opposing terminal) it works as promised.

    I'm posting this in case anyone else needed this information, because there is a simple solution available.
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