Finish dulled by weather/chemicals. How to restore or recoat?

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Jun 21, 2013
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Hi, The pics show a front door. It will catch rain/snow lower down. Its about 20-25 feet from a somewhat busy street, passing at 30mph (speed limit). Good mix of light trucks, vans etc.. Salted/sanded in snow. By Spring there's a nice coating of gray dust on the porch.

The door was stripped and refinished about 5 years ago. I don't know what the finish is. Very shiny. In the first year or two I saw goobers/boogers of some sort: in the panel's crotches/angles of the door. Like something oozed(?) or ran. The boogers were not rock hard but not tacky either. More like dried but not cured, clear glue. The bottom pic kind of shows some tan stuff in the cracks - of course it also shows some wear(?) on the edges of the panels.

The upper part of the door is still shiny. The lower has much greater gray/dull/reaction. I was thinking of Spar marine as a recoat. Unless someone here can suggest a more durable solution -- Or a remediation process to bring back the shine of the existing coat? I'll try anything, obviously I'd like the routine that keeps time and material to a relative minimum. thanks for your ideas!


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