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Nov 1, 2017
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so my new home has a fireplace. It is brick and was wood burning but they added a gas line
That you can light up . It hasnt been used in well over 10 years. I would love to throw some wood and light it up but anyway. I am going to have the chimney and everything inspected and cleaned before anything. My question is. I have a daughter and don’t want and open flame around. Also I want to be energy efficient. So should I just put a insurt in with the gass line already ran so it gives off heat but she won’t burn herself. Is there a cover I can get with tempered glass that will give out heat but won’t burn her to the touch. I am looking for most coast and energy efficient way to use the fireplace but safely with kids. I have been reading up but just wondering what some have done. Thank you


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Jan 8, 2011
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People have been using open flame heaters since time began and had kids.
Tell them no, it's hot, I've never once seen a child get burned twice.
An open wood burning fireplace is the least efficient way to heat a home.
It uses a lot of wood, acts like a hole in the roof when it's not heating, sucks make up air from the other rooms making them colder.
A wood insert will make it far more efficient, but you would still have to deal with soot, and finding a source of wood, cutting splitting, trying to get a fire started, storing, carrying it into the house.
With A direct vent gas fireplace you push a button and it's on and puts out real heat.

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