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    So the bank accepted my offer on a foreclosed home in Maple Grove, MN. Moving in: Oct 20th... The house is in an excellent location at the top of a very nice lot. The floorplan is very efficient 4 beds 2 baths but the house is in a serious need of a facelift and appears to have been unoccupied for atleast a year. I found evidence of rodent activity in the laundry room (mice turds). Visible wasp or hornetts nest (possibly nests more in the cracks of the siding. Woodpeckers are also tearing up the siding in several locations. I went onto the roof to look at the shingles and they appear to be recently replaced (less then 8 years) but all the gutters are massively clogged and the vents are not covered (unprotected from critters).

    Killing the mice and bees will not be a problem but i want to seal up all the cracks where they are getting in. Which type of caulk should i use for this? I'm guessing i'll need to powerwash first. Any tips or advice for keeping mice out.

    Best method of filling woodpecker holes damage- I wont have the time before winter or money to replace any siding for the time being. I'm OK with it being ugly for the time being.

    Gutter guard/ Vent guard... can anyone recommend any products that i can put into place when i have everything cleaned out?

    I'm very excited to be a first time home owner. I am definitely DIY attitude and i'm super pumped for all my new projects.

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