Foam Core Speaker Boxes

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Feb 16, 2015
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I like to build my own TV antennas and speaker boxes. I found online a designer that was able to get 51 Hz response from a 3.5" speaker using foam core for the medium. I had some existing 5" enclosures that were similar in design so I modified his design to use my plywood enclosures with 5" speaker and am quite pleased with the result. If one wants computer speakers that deliver decent bass response one can get there with foam core board from the dollar store and an exacto knife.

A Speaker that Kicks Butt in Large Spaces - Page 66 - diyAudio

Screenshot 2021-10-12 2.18.07 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-10-12 2.20.06 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-10-12 2.21.36 PM.png
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