Frozen Sump Pump piping

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Apr 14, 2013
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Hey Guys,
SO this has been a crazy winter for the last month and a half here in ND and for the first time my sump pump line froze outside. I got lucky as I just happened to notice the new (this year) quiet pump was running because my inside pipes were leaking a little bit. The inside pipes have always leaked a little and I always thought of it as cheap insurance, which now I think I was right ;). Anyway so it's winter I have 20 feet of frozen hose and I'm looking at what to do.

To get me through the winter I was thinking of a couple things.I think the easiest thing would be to buy some $4, 4"x8' drain pipe and just hack it onto the outlet of the house and point it at my neighbors :). Any other thoughts?

I think what I'll be doing this spring is putting down some schedule 40 underground to my front ditch and a freeze guard like below. This'll let me also bring the gutters at the front of the house out through that as well since those don't drain away from the house well it'll be a 2'fer. I dislike the idea of putting in piping as I have to remember to maintain the drain end. Does anyone know any good guides to do this? I found a few differing opinions on how to do this online but some contradict each other about floating vs sealed, freeze guard vs not etc etc.

Freeze guard I found online
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Jan 3, 2017
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what i have always done is to run a sump pump line (that is going outside) up high and turn and then run with a strong slope all the way outside. then install a vacuum breaker (auto vent ) at a convenient place inside as high as possible to allow the pipe to be 100% empty when pump is not running . an empty pipe can not freeze .

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