Gas stove top to electric conversion Needs 220

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Jun 21, 2017
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Just bought my house and we want to upgrade our kitchen. Currently there is a gas stove top and a built in oven and Microwave combo in the cabinet. We want to replace the gas Stove top with a electric full oven and cook top. then we want to replace the current Oven in the cabinet with an updated one and get rid of the microwave and do an above the stove microwave instead. I would like to have 2 ovens ( for holiday cooking ).

My issue is i need 220 for the new oven. It only has 110 below the cabinet where the gas line is. The house was built in 2004. The CB panel out side has 2 50 amp CB that are labeled oven. Seems a bit much for just one oven. Am i going to have to have a contractor come out and run a new 220 line just for the new oven? Or is it possible it could be set up already some how. I would think a house would have both options for gas or electric stoves. Any thoughts?



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Feb 16, 2015
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I checked my panel and I have a double oven on a 40 amp breaker. My cooktop is also on a 40 amp breaker.


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Aug 28, 2016
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I assume you mean there are presently two - 2 pole 50amp breakers in your box now marked oven.

Honestly a home does not normally (but can have in some cases) a 240V oven/range line if there is a gas stove. But it is possible there was at one time an electric stove/range and the owner switched to gas.

It is possible there is already a line for your new setup. However, just because there is a 50amp breaker in the panel does not mean it is hooked up and a line going to a receptacle or jbox for a hardwire hookup. It is possible though.

There are ways to find out other than having a contractor come in but it highly depends on your skill level with residential electricity and how it works. If you are not comfortable working around a breaker box with the panel cover off and possibly having to test with a digital meter a live circuit etc I would recommend having an electrical contractor come in and verify what you do have and what you will need for the new appliances/setup etc.

Again it is possible that the gas cook top was once an electric. So there may be two separate lines for 240v but no way for us to tell for sure. Also, you can not go by what other people may have in their home as a comparison. The only way is to have someone/electrician check for you unless again you have the skill needed to do so on your own.