ge gds20scsass condensor fan won't turn on

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    After about 2 years of use the condensor fan on our fridge stopped working. I just purcashed a new condensor fan and hooked it up, but the fan is still not turning on causing the fridge to over heat.

    1. The wire connector that comes out of the fridge has three wires (red, white & pink) where as the fan motor has 4 wires (red, white, yellow and blue) The wire connector on the fridge fell off while installing the fan so I was not certain which wires to connect to each other. Assuming white goes to white & red goes to red how do the other wires connect. I was pretty certain blue was ommitted. I got the wire schematic from ge, but it does not tell you.

    2. The bigger question is if the fan motor is indeeed hooked up correctly and not running when the condensor turns on what may be the problem? mother board? I have a window fan running behind the unit and the fridge does turn on and off while running so I know it is not the thermostat for the main fridge.

    Thanks for any advise!

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