GE vintage double wall oven meat thermometer

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Jan 13, 2020
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Hello. I have a vintage GE double oven. I recently replaced the upper oven wall thermometer receptacle. I was told from an Appliance parts center that the receptacle would work though it is a different style than the original. I had also purchased the appropriate thermometer to work with the receptacle. Has anyone ever used and/or needed to fix the control panel where you set the desired internal probe temperature? See photo. Otherwise the oven works great and I want to be able to use the internal meat thermometer feature. The alarm did go off though I had the thermometer temp set to 80 degrees just to test it out and the meat had been in the oven 40 minutes at 375 degrees. When I adjust the thermometer temp to something higher than 80 as a test, for example 100 degrees, the alarm did not go off. I know the meat temp had to be over 100. I am just not sure if the probe or control panel is really working as it should be and wondered if it could be evaluated/repaired?


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