Generator to power house via pole barn

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Ken Barnes

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Dec 12, 2018
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I just built a 30x40 pole barn and want to have power to the pole barn (120ft away) and also have a generator at the pole barn to feed the house in case of a power outage.

I have only 5 open spaces in 150a panel in house.

Proposal 1: Double pole 60a in house panel to feed 100a panel in pole barn. Generator by pole barn to a transfer switch (10 circuit) next to panel in house. All wiring underground in conduit. Pole barn will have 8 plugs and LED lighting on the inside and out. No welders or anything that will draw a large amount.

Proposal 2: I would like to be able to run the generator from the pole barn to feed the house but do not know that can be done if it can be done.

Looking for feedback on Proposal 1 and if there is any other way to power the house via Proposal 2. I do not want to have the generator next to the house due to the noise but will consider it based on responses.

Thank you


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Nov 4, 2010
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Chiliwack BC Canada
You need the transfer switch at the main breaker so one gets turned off when the other is turned on so you might need a second set of cables for that.


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May 26, 2014
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What size of generator is it ? Is it large enough to make any significant difference at the house ? Which , it sounds like , is going to be where the majority of the load will be located . There fore , probably be best to locate the generator closest to the largest part of the load .

God bless


Nov 17, 2005
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You will definitely need a set of conductors from the generator to the transfer switch. You simply cannot use the feeder to the pole barn as supply conductors to the house from a generator. You may want to reconsider locating the generator at the pole barn. There are several types of sound deadening enclosures that can be purchased or made at modest cost. No matter which building the generator is in you will have to have a completely separate set of conductors between the generator and the transfer device. Be advised that there are transfer switching interlocks that will allow you to choose any load on the property that the generator can supply. These interlocks prevent the main breaker and the breaker from the generator to be closed / on at the same time. That allows you to transfer the entire panel which contains the Service Disconnecting Means to be energized by the generator. You then turn on only the loads that are within the generators load carrying capacity. You can choose to run any combination of loads which the generator can supply. Water heater on to do the wash? You turn the breaker for the electric drier off so that the water heater and the clothes dryer cannot be run at the same time. If the generator breaker is selected to match the generators total capacity as closely as possible then in the event you energize too many loads either the interlocked generator breaker in the main panel or the circuit breakers built into the generator itself will prevent damage do to overload.

Tom Horne

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