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Discussion in 'Framing and Foundation' started by Burningbaal, Sep 11, 2017.

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Is this a reasonable idea?

  1. No problem, just dig carefully

  2. Don't even think about it

  3. It's complicated, see comments

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    Hi all, this is my first post!
    I'm thinking about reshaping my driveway a bit. The trickiest thing that I need to ask about is that I want to take a 'crown' out of the driveway, but that would require a bit of soil removal right next to the house. It is a daylight basement, and this is the 'dark' side, so I should be way above the slab (only removing a foot or two and I'm about 6-8 feet above the slab to start).

    See attachment, street is the bottom, backyard is the top.
    The red stripe is the high point, tapering on either side. the blue box is all the services (gas below, all wiring aerial), so I'll have to get them carefully marked and dig extra careful, but aside from the services, is there an issue doing this regrading (soil removal) right next to the house?

    1968 stick build, FWIW.

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    Pipes and hydro going under the driveway are deeper than when they go under the lawn.
    I would start be finding that depth on the utilities and see if the numbers match.
    If that was not planned to be driveway, someone may have brought it up to make the driveway safe over the utilities

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