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    Yinz should know Im a Picksburgh Stillers Fan and I hate chintzy crappy materials like particle board vinyl siding or fake brass finishes. thus I tend to try and source from recycled old school materials

    beyond that Ive got four home projects and I am a DYI guy. I have a lot of metal working experience lightmetals and iron but can be a hack when it comes to finishing details such as trim or patinas because I dont really care. THIS HAS DRAMATICALLY CHANGED SINCE MY WIFE CAME INTO MY LIFE . my projects cannot take a long time. I cannot leave my tools about etc etc etc. you know the deal so I have to step up my game and this is why I am here.

    1. Garage conversion into livable space. This is not an actual garage but a sideroom to a garage. covering cinderblock walls and cement flooring with VB woodframing floor mdf then masonite. walls greenboard? drywall over 15 batt insulation

    early next year
    2. Small Bathroom Gut and expansion into adjacent bedroom closet. Want to create a wet-room / soaking bath plus open walk in shower with intelligent storage. its a small room so layout is critical.

    late next year of the following year
    2. Kitchen gut and remodel. Weight Bearing Wall Demolition to replace with structural steel beam. This will allow extending kitchen into dining area for an open feel. Replacing all appliances. Replacing vinyl floor with cork.
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    Welcome! It sounds like you stay busy.

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