Hardwood Flooring in Mountain Home

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    I have 1100 sq. feet of 3/4 inch X 2.5 oak and walnut flooring which has been sitting around in a mountain home for the past 6 months as I've been rehabbing it. I'm now ready to install the flooring. My son and I (we're fairly skilled with finish carpentry) will install it and get someone else to finish it.

    The home is at 4700 ft. elevation. Temps range from 20 or so in the winter to 90s in the summer. Generally dry climate, but we do get some snow in the winter. It's a small two-story house. The floors were unfinished when I purchased the place - currently the top floor is two layers of 3/4 inch OSB, and the bottom floor is 3/4 inch plywood over 3/4 OSB.

    I have some conflicting data I'm trying to sort out. On the bottom floor I'm pretty sure I'm just going to put down a vapor barrier and nail it. On the top floor I had looked at gluing it (less squeaking is said to be the advantage) but some have stated that hardwood strips expand and contract more than some other types of hardwood flooring and gluing is not a good idea, especially in my climate.

    So my current plan is to nix the glue and just nail both floors. Does this sound right?

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