Hello all! Like many of you, just looking for answers...."a little knowledge is dangerous"

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Jan 27, 2022
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My name is Leslie and I live down here in Deep South Texas........You know, where there is NO border crisis!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I have a hallway in my home that has like 10 light fixtures. I'm assuming, and tonight I will get my meter and verify, there are 3-way switches on either end and I 2 4-way switches between the 2 3-ways. I'm not sure which is is the line side 3-way and the load side 3-way. I do know there are 4 fixtures in a row that do not work. They're just inside the hallway coming in from garage. I did find that one of the 4-way switches or something isn't wired right between that and a 3-way because you can flip the 4-way and then the lights won't come on. Probably has some travelers miswired. I didn't know anything about it until the 4 fixtures quite working.

I was just wanting to know if someone can point me to how to figure out w/ 2 4-ways the right way to wire these? I can handle simple single poll switches no problem but this one has me a little snowed......4 fixtures in a row..........They're LED small can lights.........when they were quartz, I had to worry w/ thermal protects but I haven't had a problem since switching them out.

Any help would be appreciated!