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Discussion in 'General Home Improvement Discussion' started by andwan0, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Hi everybody

    Am new to this forum, plus am new to home renovation. I am buying an small 2-bed old flat in London, UK that'll need work to be done.

    In the past I've lodged and rented flats. One thing I don't like is dirt, mildew, mold, limescale, etc. So am wondering whether anyone knows if there's any such thing as bathrooms/kitchens designed/made to prevent buildup/creation of mildew/mold/limescale, etc? Also, is there any design that has the least amount of corners/hidden/under-surfaces since that's the common places of buildup, plus nuisance to clean areas.

    What style of bedroom is easiest to keep tidy/clean whilst have smart storage compartments? I like to be minimalistic and been thinking of Japanese style bedrooms. However low floor beds means no under-bed storage space.

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