Help with Assembling Plug In Wall Sconces with 3 arms

Discussion in 'Electrical and Wiring' started by serenity, Apr 17, 2010.

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    I am needing some visual diagram or written instructions for assembling some wall sconces that I purchased.

    I purchase these: Sconce Wall Light 13X16 CHROMEor BRASS Teardrop Crystal - eBay (item 110432283206 end time May-04-10 18:44:11 PDT)

    the sconce has a plug in style cord (not attached, yet)
    a back plate with 1 wire
    3 seperate candle sockets and wires inside the arms
    3 bobeches
    several glass/crystal decorations.

    Can anyone please give me some beginners tips (the seller aparently can't help) even though I purchased them with the seller telling me all I would have to do is plug them in. They sent them from the manufacturer without any instructions for assembly, can someone please help me with this. I spent $300.00 for 2 plug in sconces that I have no idea how to begin putting together. I am pretty crafty and handy with other types of crafts, I just know nothing about wiring. thanks in advance, Margaret, A.K.A. - Serenity:confused:

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