Help with Bosch CS10 Blade Installation!!!

Discussion in 'Tools' started by crapbathroom, Dec 2, 2009.

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    My circular saw conked out today so I bought a Bosch CS10 from Lowes. I can't seem to figure out the blade installation, my old saw was not like this. When I install according to the instructions, the blade seems to rub and at one point was SMOKING. It also doesn't seem to keep speed (I guess because of the blade rubbing?).

    When I called the Bosch helpline, she said I had tightened it too much... so I did as they said, and then all the blade did was wobble!

    Just under the nut on the blade shaft of the saw is a blue plastic diamond, the instructions don't mention this and it seems to me that perhaps this piece is meant to come out in order for the bottom washer to sit in the saw correctly.

    Is there anyone who has this saw and ran into this problem? I just don't understand how this blade is meant to go on, and I need this saw working asap to build a run-in shed for our farm (it's houserepair! ... It's adding value to our property).


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