Help with countertop/cabinet colours, please...

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    We would like to change our countertop. Actually our kitchen looks like this:
    We also have a red gas range coming in soon :

    We don't have the slightest idea what colour would fit.
    We looked at the cheaper stratified countertops at Home Depot but we were tempted by either Corian or granite (it looks at lot more classy IMHO).

    We'll also change the border below and above the cabinet: another big question...what colour would fit
    a) the white cabinets
    b) the new countertop
    c) the red gas range
    d) the ceramic.

    The floor is not tile it is really ceramic. Its main colour scheme is grayish with some brown-slighly orange hues.
    We will not change the ceramic nor the cabinets for the moment. So we must find something that fits with the ceramic, the cabinets and the red range (please note that the top of the range is stainless steel, only the front panel is fireman red).

    Any more ideas that do not involve changing more that what is mentioned here ?
    We tought that a Corian Cocoa Brown countertop would be neat. We could find a brown border to put below and above the cabinets (or maybe no border at all ?). What do you think ?
    Any help from a design-litterate person would be an enormous bonus.


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