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Mar 26, 2007
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Hello all. I'm Sarah and I bought my first house last year. It was built in 1916 and was originally a duplex. At some point someone started to turn it into one house by joining the rooms, but never worked on the gas or electrical systems which are the major problems. We've handled the gas which wasn't difficult except when I had to make the gas company understand.

Gas Co: Okay, so you're at side A or side B?
Me: Neither. I'm at the whole house. There is no side A or B. Thats why I need you to come get one of your meters. It doesn't even matter which meter.
Gas Co.: Okay, so side A or B?
Me: *sigh*

That went on for 45 minutes and required 5 different calls along the same line.

But it is a wonderfully solid house, single level with a huge front porch, spacious rooms, lots of windows, etc. I love my home.

I'm currently getting estimates on having the place rewired. It needs it. Some outlets don't work, the water heater works when it feels like it (it currently isn't working and hasn't been for a few months), sparks shoot sometimes, etc. Once that is done, we're going to move on to things like closing up the second front door, putting a new deck on (the old one is really shaky and some of the supports are coming out from under it), and painting! I haven't painted because I knew electricians would probably need to put holes in the walls here and there. I have a whole list of future projects.



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Mar 1, 2006
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Welcome Sarah:
You are biting off some big projects there. We wish you the best with your new house and stand ready to help any time. We'll try not to be as dense as the gas company was.

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Apr 17, 2008
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Hey Gal welcome aboard. It's all good. Nice digs. It's fun making your
house a home. Thanks for inviting us on your journey.

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