Hot ground reverse

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Feb 16, 2015
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A loose connection with plumbing is easy enough to find. With electrical, not so much. You can revers the hot and cold lines on plumbing with it sstill working reasonably safely, but do that on electricity and you end up posting about it online.
I'll give examples, my house developed leaks in copper (low pH water) under the concrete slab. I replumbed overhead and installed recommended PVC ¼ turn stops for each faucet. The first time I needed to replace a faucet valvet the ¼ turn stop stem broke. I have had to replace toilet wax seals and dish detergent leaches oil out of plumbers paste sealing SS sink drains. I have another water leak at present which will require toilet removal and one or more wall openings to resolve. And that's why I hate plumbing.

Electrical, I have replaced main panel, one receptacle and a thermostat all with easy access.