How to get rid off waste and it's odor?

Discussion in 'General Home Improvement Discussion' started by MCT123, May 17, 2019.

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    I'm working as an Engineer. My work time is from 10-6. My office is near to my apartment. So, I do walk and go to the office. In between the walk, there is a place where near our apartment where they dispose of all the garbage items. It's very dreadful to pass by that area.
    Most of the time, during both day time and night we are not able to sit in our room because of this smell. Next month, my cousins are planning to visit my flat and stay for 1 month as they are having a vacation. I'm on a discussion about the waste removal and one of my friends suggested about the bin rental that helps in the removal of waste.
    But, I'm not sure about these services. Do anyone has got any experiences? Is it available at an affordable cost?
    Share your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance!

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