How to identify voles from moles

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    It is always difficult to figure out who is causing problems in your garden. You are watching many damages in many plants, shrubs or trees or lawn grass but you cannot recognize who is behind it. It is a usual happening with most gardeners. And when you have heard about Voles and doubt whether they are the problem, you must be well aware about the signs of Vole damages. This is why because there is a big chance for you to confuse voles with moles which are another kind of creatures who are also able to cause great head ache to you by damaging your garden many ways. And the real problem is that there is only a little chance for you to come face to face with these furtive foes. Anyway there are a few options for you to watch out to realize the real problem makers.

    While voles create well defined, visible tunnels or runways at or near the surface, moles produce two types of runways in your yard. The feeding tunnels which appear as raised tunnels running across your lawn are the first type which runs just beneath the surface. A bit complicated one is the second type which runs deeper and enables the moles t unite the feeding tunnels in a network. Usually you find the soil excavated from the deep tunnels, on your lawns, which are piled in mounds that resemble little volcanoes. These volcanoes give you the alert that the problem is caused not by voles but by moles because voles leave no mounds at all behind.

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