How To Repair Aluminum Clad On Exterior Doors?

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Jul 12, 2017
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We have some 25 YO rather expensive to replace French doors to get a lot of weather. One is just starting to pull away which I can glue and clamp in position but the other one has rot all along the bottom. Can I simply peel that bad piece off and replace it with painted flashing after doing whatever necessary repairs to the wood or is there more to it?
I have some rather extensive experience in all sorts of bodywork and metal work and all the weapons on hand. I just don’t wanna get in over my head and do something totally foreign or trash that door. So what’s the best way to go about this besides anything obvious? It looks to me like it’s pushed into some sort of miniature channel right along the edge at least on the sides. I could get one of those to lineup but to get to the top and two sides might be a hair tearer. I want to stain the wood behind for future protection but assume that rules out the gluing prospects‍♂️ What’s the best way to fix that piece? No picture, it wont load up.....