How to shop for replacement windows?

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Apr 28, 2012
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I'm looking to replace 17 total windows. They are currently double-pane, double-hung and were replaced in a fix and flip ~2001. I'm looking to get basically the same thing installed with better seals and energy ratings. I plan for pocket install, as there is no damage to the current setup.. Any recommendations on what to look for? Based on advice, I'm going with a window replacement contractor in order to avoid installers that just contract with the manufacturer.

Vinyl or fiberglass?
My first quote is for vinyl windows from a Canadian mfg that would be triple-glass outer pane and double glass inner pane.
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Nov 24, 2021
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Did 19 windows 10 years ago. Two windows failed just within the warranty & everybody ran for the hills when I brought up these failures, even the state's attorneys for the OEM's state & mine.

$300 to replace one clouded window & another chunk to replace two balances. I watched them but I still wouldn't do this myself. The techs even had some trouble figuring out how to install the OEM-supplied fixes.

A Building Science site may give unbiased advice about window construction.

I'd be concerned about infiltration. We just now are getting condensation 1" above the point where the double hung sashes intersect. They're vinyl so there's nothing for this water to rot.

Save your heating bills B4 you do this to compare with afterwards.
50-50, no noticeable changes, either by eyeballing your bills or by using statistical tests.

Your comfort might improve but this could be partly due to a Placebo Effect.
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