Improvisational Pan & Drainage Project

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Aug 19, 2018
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Good Day,

Background: My main goal is to place tile in the shower area as shown in the image below. The reason for this is because the pre-made plastic platform did not fit with my drain hole so the only option is to lay everything with tile which I do not mind doing.

The Problem: I need your help with finding the best resolution at solving the problem while installing the drain pan. The pan I have is shown in the images below. The problem is that the groove (marked with a white arrow) does not allow me to push the pan over the pipe so that it becomes perfectly flush with the floor. I was thinking of shaving off that groove so that I can fit it over and make it flush. Next, I need a way to watertight seal the outside of the pipe (once the pan is over) so that water is strictly directed down to the drain. Please make any suggestions for the best tools, gaskets, sealants, and the best way to take off that groove on the pan. My budget for the listed essentials is around $200.


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