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    Hi there,

    I am a newbie at home repair and to this forum.

    My home has in wall electric heaters. The three bedroom heaters run off a dedicated circuit (two 20amps). All three rooms stopped working at the same time. The circuit was not tripped. I took the thermostats off and connected a multi meter to the bear wires, no voltage (well it reads 6 volts). I replaced the breaker(s) and still have no power at any of the thermostats in the bedrooms. All other circuits in the home work fine.

    I had an extra thermostat in the house and tried replacing one with the extra one as well. Could I have swapped the polarity and caused a dead short? I would think if I had caused a dead short it would have tripped the breaker, but the breaker hasn't tripped at all throughout this exercise, either the old or new ones breakers.

    I am stuck, can anyone help or point me to a thread that might have the answers I am looking for? I did try a search but I am afraid I didn't use the proper search terms as nothing came back that was useful.

    Thank you!
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    You have a bad connection somewhere. Remake all the connections in all the heaters. If that does not do it check the connections in the breaker box. BE CAREFUL.

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