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    Sorry I didnt know where else to put this, but in the past few days I have noticed more insects in and around my house. Mainly spiders, now I dont know about you guys, but I am completely petrified of spiders, horribly scared of them, I dont care what kind it is, if its a spider, Im freaking out. I hate that. I have noticed cobwebs appearing alot lately, some in my front yard, in the bed of my truck, in the fender wells of my parked 55' Bel Air, and inside my game room where I lift weights and practice MMA.

    I dont know why they have rapidly arised, and I would like to know how it is that insects get inside the house, and what attracts them to things such as vehicles? But mainly, how do I get rid of them, without calling a pest control guy? Also just last night I captured and released 2 gekos, one was in my kitchen sink, the other was just walking around my room. I love gekos, so I didnt want to kill them through a wicked fit of rage, but why are they popping up in my house? Again how do they get in and how do I get them out if there are more?

    Here is how petrified I am of spiders, about a month ago there was a terantula just hanging out on my wall behind the bench I sit in to smoke on my front porch, even though it didnt move or anything, naturally I freaked out. I went inside grabbed my co2 powered bb pistol, and shot it at point blank, twice. Oh it was dead, and I have left it where it fell dying as a warning to all the other terantulas that even thought about coming on my property, you know what I am saying?

    And just a few days ago I go in my truck and started driving down the road, with the window rolled down, because I am a smoker (trying to quit and having success in cutting back alot) but all of a sudden I see this black thing flying beside my window. I thought it was like a bee or something, I look over and its a freakin spider, hanging on by its web! Naturally I roll up the window quickly, and get on a straight away where nobody was on, and sped up rapidly. I was going close to 60 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, yeah I was scared of it, Im not ashamed. Finally it flew off my truck and I was able to slow down and go to my destination. Well I thought it flew off, since that day, I have seen webs growing and appearing in the bed of my truck.

    With me having said all this, Im sure you guys get the picture of how I feel about things that have more legs than my dogs. I just dont like them, and I would love to know how they get in my house. What brings them to my house, yard and cars. How do I keep them from getting on, in or near my house, yard and cars. And how do I kill whatever is in my house, yard and cars right now. I know I should call the professionals, but I like doing things myself, the more I see personally die, the better I feel. Thanks for any advice given, and I am so happy I have found this forum, you guys/gals are awesome and I have learned alot. Thanks again.

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