Installing Second Pump?

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    I hope you can help..

    I was wondering how I am able to setup a second pump onto my hot tub? I purchased the hot tub 1 year ago. The gentleman I purchased it from told me he had an extra pump hooked up to it. I do have the 2 pumps, but can’t figure out how he had the 2 hooked up.

    I will try to show you the best I can to give you an idea what I have going. I have the links for the control box listed below..

    Here are the specs…

    Main Board..!B2bY0G!BWk~$(KGrHqYOKnME)5UOJ1GHBMid!wn2OQ~~_3.JPG


    Balboa Instruments 52531HC Control Pack Balboa Instruments SUV Control System 120/240 circuit board. The .pdf manual is located here:

    If there is any way to help, It would be greatly appreciated…

    Sincere Thanks,
    Matthew & Michelle

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