Is this planned repair an overkill?

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Oct 2, 2006
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After a week vacation, we went home to find a big hole in the ceiling. Apparently it rain a lot and there was a leak in the roof. The water wetted the blown insulation and drywall and the heavy weight cause a piece about 24 x 36 inches to fall. There is some stain in one corner of the room.

The repairman said thats its best to replace a bigger area, almost the entire family room ceiling where the hole is. The whole area is about 30 ft by 30 ft.
He talked about mold, stain, etc.

I am thinking its going to be a mess to replace it plus the time involved in doing the repair. The cost is no matter since its covered by insurance. Why not just replace a couple of drywall where the hole is? What do readers think about this. Thanks in advance.


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Feb 21, 2008
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I would replace only the wet drywall and wet insulation, cutting back the drywall to a joist for attachment. I would certainly go bigger (for ease of attachment) than what fell but I also wouldn't go to more that 4'x8' unless it was wet beyond that.

Oh, and fix the roof first.

Also - personally, I wouldn't get the insurance co involved for such a small project. No need to make it into a big project IMO.

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