Issue with gutters, covered front porch, drainage.

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Oct 22, 2011
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Ok, I’m working on a house my son is going to buy and it has a water issue. We are going to upgrade the gutters on the front to a larger size, but there is an issue with the amount of rain coming off the roof of the small covered front porch. The temp solution is to place containers to catch the rain in an effort to keep the water out of the crawl space. (Currently the crawl space is wet.). Looking for a long term solution to fix. Will also be installing a pit and sump pump in the crawl space in the near future but would like to find a way to keep the water out in the first place. Thanks.



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Jul 26, 2009
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Nashville, TN
I have a similar situation on my porch. What I did was run gutters on each side of the small gable, then ran down pipes down the wall. I terminated the down pipe into 4" pvc and joined the down pipes at the corners to divert water away from the house.


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Jan 8, 2011
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When I bought my tiny house it looked almost identical to his, except mine was on a slab that had been poured to low.
It was so bad that in a heavy rain water would come up through the floor inside!
The lot is level so I had to get creative to get rid of the water.
First thing I did was get rid of all that mulch and land scaping out front that was doing nothing but blocking the windows and holding in moisture.
We then dug down 2', and water proofed the wall.
I added a gutter to that porch that ran almost to the wall and added a down spout adaptor, then installed a gutter on the main roof with the down spout on the left that dumps into the porch gutter.
Then added a sump pit (I just used a plastic 6 gal. bucket that clorine comes in) in the corner.
Installed 4" PVC drain pipe in the trench, sloped toward the pit, added silt screen then back filled the trench with #57 stone.
The pit is drained with 2" PVC out to the ditch by the road.
And yes, that pipe can be ran under your walk way without cutting it.
It's been working perfect for 13 years, no more water in the house.

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