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Apr 29, 2015
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My first real major reno on my new to me house begins. We are adding a laundry room to our basement. Today was prep work, which included removing an indoor clothes line, and securing the various HVAC ducts that were not secured. The washer and dryer came with the house, and they are older than ours, so out they go. I am selling them as they still work. They were put into a shelf to make them stackable. Once done, the room will be about 5'x7' with the washer and dryer on the floor and shelving throughout.

I am already seeing some challenges. The first - the dryer duct was not even hooked up. So, that will be a priority to fix. Also, the box for the power plug in doesn't look secure. Looks like I'll need to fix that too.

I will be putting in the 2'x2' subfloor that just clicks together. It'll make it easier to make the floor flatter, as well as give a good way to warm it up.

I am hoping within a week the appliances are in and the walls are up. Drywall will be done later, once the lockdown ends and I can get some help. I know how to fix minor holes, bur doing a room will be a challenge. To add to that, I will need to box in much of the existing stuff as it sticks out from the studs and joists.

I think I have what I need to frame it and get the services to where is needed.

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