leaking shower pan?

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    Hi there
    My shower is leaking. I suspect it one of two problems (or two of two problems). The caulking around the pan, where the tile butts up against it, had some pretty old, wide and gnarly caulking. I ripped it off and then couldn't figure out how to reapply. I tried a couple of things but just made more of a mess. (which I still need to peel off properly) The previous owner had put some nails through the lip, so that there are these weird rusted spots around the perimeter which would explain why they had gobbed the caulking on over an inch wide space.

    I can also feel the floor of the shower flexing when I stand on it. I pulled off the drain cover (it was sealed on with caulking) and peeled most of the caulking off the drain. Reading other posts in the forum on this topic, it sounds like just re-caulking it is not a a solution.

    I find out so much reading here in the forums. It's been a big help with my old house. Any advice on this would be so great!!

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